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Our Heaven On Earth: Dry Kitchen

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if some of my reader follow my instagram, you probably seen this photo.

and if you been reading this blog you might remember my berangan on my Our Heaven On Earth: Dry Kitchen Planning.

So we did ask few quotations even from the previous kitchen cabinet contractor. But the price way too high...  GST is one the course of it.

We settled with a small malay contractor who give us cheap quot.
Decent Perakians, but takes him long time to finish the projects.

Due to his small business we cannot aspect much. Something we need to compromise on, such as of course the time (warned you it is too long), insufficient workers, and few selection of products (what you tick on the catalog might not be available),  & less tidy.

The pro is, it is very cheap (we select, quartz top and melamine door), what he quote is what you paid. x berkira langsung, good person terlampau sopan santun.

Despite the cons i think we quite satisfied with outcome. Some untidy works is barely seen (it is there but not that irritating or eye sore).

Still it looks nice to me... and of course i love it... it is my birthday gift anyway....

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Our Heaven On Earth:Cleaning Routine

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I have follow many tips on cleaning but somehow tips from cleanmama.net is the best for me who has a full time job and do the domestic work by myself. Before, I've printed out list of chores that need to be done in a day. There are 3-4 tasks each day... I do feel overwhelm.

But tips from cleanmama help me much. I am pretty happy with it. It almost the same but she does make things look simple.
I feel the different. Happier when get back to a clean home. And cleaner day by day. I may have did extra task out of it... And I have a long Saturday and Sunday rest.... Instead of dump everything during weekends and feeling tired the whole week...
I wanted to share with everybody... And better if I could get a feedback from working mother... Or if you have better cleaning ritual solution.

Please visit www.cleanmama.net for more
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Our Heaven on Earth: Gardening

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I started gardening few months back. I was having my lunch near to a nursery. After lunch i headed to the nursery and have a look at the things they have and i end up bought a premix organic soils, plastic black pots, and spinach and bak choy packet seeds which cost me only a few ringgit.

Once I got home I start plant them as per instruction in the packets.

to my surprise spinach is very easy to grow. Just make sure that they have enough water.
We do experience some yellow leaves due to dry soil but ince we water them they even grew larger and look fresher.

Though we have some hard time to grow the bak choy but i bet we need to give another try. Seems i took longer time before we can enjoy them.

To you all, why not try them. It can save up few Ringgit of the vege... or if im becoming more expert we can have something like this as in B.I.G Groceries in Publika.

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Thicken by 1 1/2 inches

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I've sent some of the fabrics to the tailor for my Hari raya (yes you read it right, raya). As usual, we discussed on the design and cutting. Just to ensure on the size the nyonya tailor took my measurement and with a bit shock  she saids

" wah... Adik sudah naik 1 1/2 inci, sudah naik banyak"

I am shocked too. My mom start nagging...

I remember I can fit to my jeans which I can't fit for the longest years during the short vacation to kuala selangor last month. I am so excited. I am controlling my food intake those days.

Looking back what I did wrong I blame it on the classes and exam I had. To keep me full I munch bread and milk to ensure I can focus on the study instead of the rumbling sound of my stomach. And ice milo for the late night revisions ( I try to boycott, I did. but I have this craving to have milo during study thus I give it exceptional, I swear I will try to discard it from the list for sure).

I continue the habit of having dairy and carbs during the until today. I noticed other thing instead. The pimples I have on my face. I rarely get a pimple not even during the teenage years. Not until I touch 30. 
The words nyonya said linger in my head and stress me out. So immediately I will ensure I'm having a proper diet and no ice challenge has started. 

Who with me? Please do follow my Instagram for update of meal and motivation. Do help me motivated. 

I believed I should start to check my health see what my cholesterol level are, sugar and everything else. 

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Our Heaven On Earth: Hang frames on the wall (gallery specs)

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Up to this point, we still have a lot of wedding gifts in the boxes that just waiting for us to use or display. There are a lot of frames of al-Qur'an verses and other Islamic art wall decor given by family and friends. I always dreaming to have a house that decent to be shared in houzz.com. From what can I see based on my everyday routine to check on the latest newsletter and photos I agreed that the way we decorate our house is different. Especially how we hang a wall decor.

Back to my mom i remember that we just agak-agak on the height that suit by eyes. I have been googled up for informations on what is the best height to place an art frame. Their rules is quite simple, the centre of any frames no matter what size should be 57" in height. 

They claimed that this give a harmonized look to the area. So the best website that give very simple explanation is from Apartment Therapy  . They even give a short video on how to hang a picture. 

A very simple method what we did in calculating the height as below;

57" + (lenghth @ height of the frame)/2 - the distance from the top of the frames to the point to screw or the tighten wire.

you get a better understanding if you watch the video.

I do feel it is a little bit low than the usual I see at my mom's or any other people houses but i started to love it. It is gallery like. 

Looks like I'm getting there to have a curated home when I have a wall like gallery.

I need to find a lot of other artworks for the home.. excited sampai sume rasa nak drill.

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Last Sunday of 2014

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My prayers & doa to all flood victims in Pantai Timur. May Allah blessed you with more flourish & rich of rizk and live in more prosperous country. Hudud is on the way. Allah with you. 

Today is the last Sunday for 2014. People already talking about their resolutions for 2015. Have you accomplished all the resolutions in 2014 friends? How is your year? As you can see my resolutions still stay at the side bar. But I am so thankful that this year meant a lot to me. Thank you Allah. I am truly blessed.

My year started with unexpected long awaited news. I am pregnant! I myself did not aware of the changes inside me not until the baby is 6 weeks. I had a terrible uneasy stomach ache. We went to clinic and a simple pee in a cup and the double lines on the indicator stick solved the mystery of stomach ache. Things was not going so well with the pregnancy. we went for the first ultrasound but there was no heartbeat. The doctor put us on hope to come back and have it check for another 2 weeks just in case we miss calculate. Before the appointment date I notice some changes in me. I know right away that im going to lost the baby.

It such a heartbreaking moment for us but we accept it as Allah will. On the bright sight we know that we can conceive naturally. We waited for so long before and we going to wait again until Allah say so. We still happy though either way. To my dear I thank you for bring me a lot closer to Allah and make me surrounded by beautiful people, make me even tougher and stronger. I thank you a lot and we love you.

After i enjoy my pantang days (seriously i like those days a few kilos lighter) and aiming for sirap limau ais which everyday consume like it the best drink on earth in the middle of the hot lunch time by my colleague. I drank them like no other business. Ice everyday and those sugar... urghhh... 

As I can remember, I think this year so many gatherings and events happen which bring my friends even closer. I have my bestest friends wedding. I am so happy for them and happy to be one of the vip guest on their special days. Due to that event so many met up and discussions held.

On top of that, we have a new addition to our family. My nephew were born. He is very healthy and adorable. So i spend so many time in my parents house just to be with him and having a havoc girlish playdoh time with the sister.

Another transition of my life apart of the career is im now a student. I already start my class for few weeks now. Man, its hard. Please pray for me for my success. If you could help me to give me an idea of possible thesis in Muamalah you such a darling.

No traveling for this year as we so caught up with work and events. I hope next year will be some travelling happens. However it depends on the country situation. I have no word for GST, I know nothing on what will happen to us, the only thing I know I like them when we were in other country, those refund... wink.. wink..

I am still thinking to reframe and strategize my 2015 resolution. All and all I did not accomplished fully of my resolutions this year but still I have part and pieces of them. Looking forward for next year and please do share with us what is yours. 

Latest news on AirAsia plane. May all of you rest in peace with the rahmat by Allah S.W.T. 

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Harley Davidson Theme Birthday Party

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My husband turns 31 years old last week. I have planned to do a birthday surprise for him. Out from our norms who celebrating birthday or anniversary for a simple lunch or dinner at nando's restaurant.

Step 1: find your partner in crime. I chosed my best friend Salina to help me out and of course my mom.
Step 2: decide on the date, time & venue
Step 3: the theme. I picked Harley Davidson. He wanted a Harley bike which definitely I'm not afford to buy.
 So I googled image of a Harley Davidson cake. I get someone who I can trust on giving me a good cake and I preferred it to be cream frosting instead of fondant which definitely we going to waste. Fortunately the cake turn out better and cheaper.
Step 4: the invites. With courtesy of Google image and PowerPoint I made invitation cards which I pass it to his friends using whatsapp.

I do mention its a surprise and they have to rsvp(I need to know the volume of the food later)
Step 5: foods & beverage. Since it a surprise I can't be busy cooking so I have to rely on the fast food chains. I refer the menu serve in Hard Rock Cafe and try to immitate that the closest but with available fast food. So our menu are;


1. Mushroom soup (sneakily cooked them middle of the night). Serve with baguette.
2. Salads with ceaser dressing and sesame dressing.

Main menu:
1. Variety of pizza
2. Nasi goreng
3. Fried chicken

1. Cake
2. Konyaku jelly (made with love by Salina -our favourite)
3. Blueberry & fruits tarts ( courtesy of Salina)
4. Fruits (Orange)

1. Root beer (as the can color almost like the theme)
2. Crysentumum tea
3. Orange cordial

Step 6: the surprise plan.
Step 7: the party decoration & table setting. 

The labels were printed on orange paper and the logo courtesy of Google.

Helium balloons in Orange colour I bought at glowing party house at Kajang Reko Sentral. I have to add RM 1 extra for the helium treatment in order to maintain them for 48hours without loosing the gas. U really need this if require the balloon to stay longer.

 And I bought the Harley Davidson miniature at petronas

Step 8: pray hard everything in its place. If the surprise blow just admit you are planning for his birthday party. 

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