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Our Heaven On Earth:Cleaning Routine

I have follow many tips on cleaning but somehow tips from cleanmama.net is the best for me who has a full time job and do the domestic work by myself. Before, I've printed out list of chores that need to be done in a day. There are 3-4 tasks each day... I do feel overwhelm.

But tips from cleanmama help me much. I am pretty happy with it. It almost the same but she does make things look simple.
I feel the different. Happier when get back to a clean home. And cleaner day by day. I may have did extra task out of it... And I have a long Saturday and Sunday rest.... Instead of dump everything during weekends and feeling tired the whole week...
I wanted to share with everybody... And better if I could get a feedback from working mother... Or if you have better cleaning ritual solution.

Please visit www.cleanmama.net for more

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