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Our Heaven On Earth: Hang frames on the wall (gallery specs)

Up to this point, we still have a lot of wedding gifts in the boxes that just waiting for us to use or display. There are a lot of frames of al-Qur'an verses and other Islamic art wall decor given by family and friends. I always dreaming to have a house that decent to be shared in houzz.com. From what can I see based on my everyday routine to check on the latest newsletter and photos I agreed that the way we decorate our house is different. Especially how we hang a wall decor.

Back to my mom i remember that we just agak-agak on the height that suit by eyes. I have been googled up for informations on what is the best height to place an art frame. Their rules is quite simple, the centre of any frames no matter what size should be 57" in height. 

They claimed that this give a harmonized look to the area. So the best website that give very simple explanation is from Apartment Therapy  . They even give a short video on how to hang a picture. 

A very simple method what we did in calculating the height as below;

57" + (lenghth @ height of the frame)/2 - the distance from the top of the frames to the point to screw or the tighten wire.

you get a better understanding if you watch the video.

I do feel it is a little bit low than the usual I see at my mom's or any other people houses but i started to love it. It is gallery like. 

Looks like I'm getting there to have a curated home when I have a wall like gallery.

I need to find a lot of other artworks for the home.. excited sampai sume rasa nak drill.

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