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Our Heaven On Earth: Dry Kitchen

if some of my reader follow my instagram, you probably seen this photo.

and if you been reading this blog you might remember my berangan on my Our Heaven On Earth: Dry Kitchen Planning.

So we did ask few quotations even from the previous kitchen cabinet contractor. But the price way too high...  GST is one the course of it.

We settled with a small malay contractor who give us cheap quot.
Decent Perakians, but takes him long time to finish the projects.

Due to his small business we cannot aspect much. Something we need to compromise on, such as of course the time (warned you it is too long), insufficient workers, and few selection of products (what you tick on the catalog might not be available),  & less tidy.

The pro is, it is very cheap (we select, quartz top and melamine door), what he quote is what you paid. x berkira langsung, good person terlampau sopan santun.

Despite the cons i think we quite satisfied with outcome. Some untidy works is barely seen (it is there but not that irritating or eye sore).

Still it looks nice to me... and of course i love it... it is my birthday gift anyway....

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