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Last Sunday of 2014

My prayers & doa to all flood victims in Pantai Timur. May Allah blessed you with more flourish & rich of rizk and live in more prosperous country. Hudud is on the way. Allah with you. 

Today is the last Sunday for 2014. People already talking about their resolutions for 2015. Have you accomplished all the resolutions in 2014 friends? How is your year? As you can see my resolutions still stay at the side bar. But I am so thankful that this year meant a lot to me. Thank you Allah. I am truly blessed.

My year started with unexpected long awaited news. I am pregnant! I myself did not aware of the changes inside me not until the baby is 6 weeks. I had a terrible uneasy stomach ache. We went to clinic and a simple pee in a cup and the double lines on the indicator stick solved the mystery of stomach ache. Things was not going so well with the pregnancy. we went for the first ultrasound but there was no heartbeat. The doctor put us on hope to come back and have it check for another 2 weeks just in case we miss calculate. Before the appointment date I notice some changes in me. I know right away that im going to lost the baby.

It such a heartbreaking moment for us but we accept it as Allah will. On the bright sight we know that we can conceive naturally. We waited for so long before and we going to wait again until Allah say so. We still happy though either way. To my dear I thank you for bring me a lot closer to Allah and make me surrounded by beautiful people, make me even tougher and stronger. I thank you a lot and we love you.

After i enjoy my pantang days (seriously i like those days a few kilos lighter) and aiming for sirap limau ais which everyday consume like it the best drink on earth in the middle of the hot lunch time by my colleague. I drank them like no other business. Ice everyday and those sugar... urghhh... 

As I can remember, I think this year so many gatherings and events happen which bring my friends even closer. I have my bestest friends wedding. I am so happy for them and happy to be one of the vip guest on their special days. Due to that event so many met up and discussions held.

On top of that, we have a new addition to our family. My nephew were born. He is very healthy and adorable. So i spend so many time in my parents house just to be with him and having a havoc girlish playdoh time with the sister.

Another transition of my life apart of the career is im now a student. I already start my class for few weeks now. Man, its hard. Please pray for me for my success. If you could help me to give me an idea of possible thesis in Muamalah you such a darling.

No traveling for this year as we so caught up with work and events. I hope next year will be some travelling happens. However it depends on the country situation. I have no word for GST, I know nothing on what will happen to us, the only thing I know I like them when we were in other country, those refund... wink.. wink..

I am still thinking to reframe and strategize my 2015 resolution. All and all I did not accomplished fully of my resolutions this year but still I have part and pieces of them. Looking forward for next year and please do share with us what is yours. 

Latest news on AirAsia plane. May all of you rest in peace with the rahmat by Allah S.W.T. 

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