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Thicken by 1 1/2 inches

I've sent some of the fabrics to the tailor for my Hari raya (yes you read it right, raya). As usual, we discussed on the design and cutting. Just to ensure on the size the nyonya tailor took my measurement and with a bit shock  she saids

" wah... Adik sudah naik 1 1/2 inci, sudah naik banyak"

I am shocked too. My mom start nagging...

I remember I can fit to my jeans which I can't fit for the longest years during the short vacation to kuala selangor last month. I am so excited. I am controlling my food intake those days.

Looking back what I did wrong I blame it on the classes and exam I had. To keep me full I munch bread and milk to ensure I can focus on the study instead of the rumbling sound of my stomach. And ice milo for the late night revisions ( I try to boycott, I did. but I have this craving to have milo during study thus I give it exceptional, I swear I will try to discard it from the list for sure).

I continue the habit of having dairy and carbs during the until today. I noticed other thing instead. The pimples I have on my face. I rarely get a pimple not even during the teenage years. Not until I touch 30. 
The words nyonya said linger in my head and stress me out. So immediately I will ensure I'm having a proper diet and no ice challenge has started. 

Who with me? Please do follow my Instagram for update of meal and motivation. Do help me motivated. 

I believed I should start to check my health see what my cholesterol level are, sugar and everything else. 

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