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Our Heaven on Earth: Gardening

I started gardening few months back. I was having my lunch near to a nursery. After lunch i headed to the nursery and have a look at the things they have and i end up bought a premix organic soils, plastic black pots, and spinach and bak choy packet seeds which cost me only a few ringgit.

Once I got home I start plant them as per instruction in the packets.

to my surprise spinach is very easy to grow. Just make sure that they have enough water.
We do experience some yellow leaves due to dry soil but ince we water them they even grew larger and look fresher.

Though we have some hard time to grow the bak choy but i bet we need to give another try. Seems i took longer time before we can enjoy them.

To you all, why not try them. It can save up few Ringgit of the vege... or if im becoming more expert we can have something like this as in B.I.G Groceries in Publika.

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