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Harley Davidson Theme Birthday Party

My husband turns 31 years old last week. I have planned to do a birthday surprise for him. Out from our norms who celebrating birthday or anniversary for a simple lunch or dinner at nando's restaurant.

Step 1: find your partner in crime. I chosed my best friend Salina to help me out and of course my mom.
Step 2: decide on the date, time & venue
Step 3: the theme. I picked Harley Davidson. He wanted a Harley bike which definitely I'm not afford to buy.
 So I googled image of a Harley Davidson cake. I get someone who I can trust on giving me a good cake and I preferred it to be cream frosting instead of fondant which definitely we going to waste. Fortunately the cake turn out better and cheaper.
Step 4: the invites. With courtesy of Google image and PowerPoint I made invitation cards which I pass it to his friends using whatsapp.

I do mention its a surprise and they have to rsvp(I need to know the volume of the food later)
Step 5: foods & beverage. Since it a surprise I can't be busy cooking so I have to rely on the fast food chains. I refer the menu serve in Hard Rock Cafe and try to immitate that the closest but with available fast food. So our menu are;


1. Mushroom soup (sneakily cooked them middle of the night). Serve with baguette.
2. Salads with ceaser dressing and sesame dressing.

Main menu:
1. Variety of pizza
2. Nasi goreng
3. Fried chicken

1. Cake
2. Konyaku jelly (made with love by Salina -our favourite)
3. Blueberry & fruits tarts ( courtesy of Salina)
4. Fruits (Orange)

1. Root beer (as the can color almost like the theme)
2. Crysentumum tea
3. Orange cordial

Step 6: the surprise plan.
Step 7: the party decoration & table setting. 

The labels were printed on orange paper and the logo courtesy of Google.

Helium balloons in Orange colour I bought at glowing party house at Kajang Reko Sentral. I have to add RM 1 extra for the helium treatment in order to maintain them for 48hours without loosing the gas. U really need this if require the balloon to stay longer.

 And I bought the Harley Davidson miniature at petronas

Step 8: pray hard everything in its place. If the surprise blow just admit you are planning for his birthday party. 

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