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Household review: Sutra Wellness & kitchen tissue paper

I always wanted to have green home (by means back to basic as we could be) I came across by this wellness multipurpose aromatherapy product name Sutra. I read it in one of my neighbour's blog and saw it in one my cousin's house.

I am drawn to know about the product as it claim 100% natural. Best enough for me... (Organic is too expensive). Questions have been raised to my cousin on the product effectiveness. She told me that it does helps avoiding the unwanted guest especially the ants and give a nice smells. She bought with a lemongrass sense. I'm not quite like it though as it reminds me of a harsh sharp smell from the infamous "serai wangi" multipurpose liquid. However the smell of lemongrass sutra is in the low key very mild.

Since my neighbour is one of the agent, I would like to give it a try. I was hopping they bring vanilla tone unfortunately they don't have it. I settled with sweet lavender to be safe. However when group of neighbours discussing it in the whatsapp and place their order, pandan sense was highly requested. 
I personnally message Ilyani (the agent/) which one she preferred. She suggested Pandan. I bought both sense. A day before yesterday I went and pick them up and immediately try it sweet lavender on a small section of my mirrored dining table. They claim it safe to use on mirror cleaner. 

My husband notice that the table more shinier. It does not leave any sticky surface but does leave a sweet smells. Just like I like it so. Yesterday after dinner I applied generously on the granite kitchen counter and works wonder in giving me the shine plus a lovely smells of bunga rampai. Yes! I fall in love with Pandan. 

I always very careful with granite as it bit porous. Thus my homemade cleaner (which with vinegar in it) is not a choice. I only clean them with micro mini dollop of dishwashing liquid just because I'm afraid the lemon extract in the dishwashing liquid will make the top damage. 

As of now it is the right choice for me plus for those boycott ( I'm still boycotting) this is definitely a substitute for that ambi pur (I stop using it). 

And for housewives out there, I found a substitute for a quality Scott's kitchen towel/tissue paper (boycott) which is First Choice. Do not buy the cheap Giant brand because the quality is like toilet paper. Seriously. Every time I use giant's I have to do twice or triple job just to cleans the residue of the tissue fibers. Bought them because cheap. This is one cheap product that is not value to the money.

So this is my humble review. 

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