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Our Heaven On Earth: Currated Home

When we (mean I) decided to have a currated home, I knew the whole house progress will be slow... A terribly slow. People currated good furniture with value. Any decorative items they collected should be a statement and cost a fortune.

My understanding of currated is to ensure what ever we bought is something that value to our hearts. It does not mean it has to be expensive and neither as hoarders. When people start to like something they tends to bought more of it. When it currated it does not just mean rare but useful and definitely has a purpose. 

I try my best to become a curator of my own home instead of hoarder. Yepp, I am normal though I love pretty glasses and crystal and have collection of that. But I ensure whatever I bought have a purpose. Currated life means less spending on unnecessary items thus equivalent to more saving. Still a beginner for having a currated life.

Just my two cents though....

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