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Home & Deco Inspiration: SueSukaSusun.blogspot.com

Everyday I will check out my blog to see the latest update from my favorite blogger. SueSukaSusun is my daily input. New post or silent I will check her out. I am a stalker you know hahahah.... No lah and from her blog I will hopping to other sites she link on the sidebar.

I love how she tell her diy stories. Very humble. She well organized person by looking and reading of her house progress and newly added project. She like non stop new things and idea. We been living in our house nearly two years and yet you will find the frames still on the floor, empty walls and no wardrobe. 

I bet I more on searching ideas and collecting dreams and not even trying to make things happen.
Apart from reading blogs (mainly about decor and organizing) I will ensure that get up to date on Houzz.com newsletter. 

Therefore this is one newsletter about a room that is suitable for couch potatoes based on series they love to watch. I came across to photo below.

Straight! I remember SueSukaSusun.blogspot.com did almost similar TV area. How cool! She is definitely a go getter. I wish I have that courage to finish up a project. And stop piling up and decrease my iPad memory from downloading so call idea that I got over the Internet and keep on dreaming on making it happen. 

She place a frame and a wall paper to make a focal point. About the same kan with the one in houzz.com...

To you sister good luck and thank you for the ideas and sharing.

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{ UMIE SUE } at: May 19, 2016 at 4:01 PM said...

Tenkiu sis ..hee..malu akak..hihi

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