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Beauty Product Review: Kaylena Beaute (New packaging)

I think they heard my concerns on the packaging as you can read in my previous post. I would say I am one happy customer. If a return customer (twice previously) I will be considered as a loyal one as this will be my third purchase.

I am very much happy when the are having new packaging. They are not only consider on the spill complaints but they even increase the cubic measurement of their night cream (15g to 50g) and their treatment moisturizer in a pump (15g to 50g too) which make us easy to control the amount exactly a pea size. 

Apart from that I believe they improvised the ingredients as I can smells new fragrance (green apple scented) in most of their product. The treatment moisturizer and the night cream have a different texture.

The previous treatment moisturizer is a satin smooth cream but this new improvised formula they have this soft brittle cream which some how feel like scrub but dissolve once you apply it on your face.

As for the night cream it has this gel look a like and a gooey texture but once apply you can definitely feel it lock the moisture. The new formula, they are more like frost cream and somehow they still manage to lock the moisture in. 

I am okay with both previous and the new. But for value reason I preferred the latest one. If the 15g I can use it for 2 months (I still have some balance of the previous bottles and jars) imagine the new one. I might calling up the agents in another 4 months perhaps. 

Anyhow I haven't tried the cleanser and the day cream yet (as I mentioned I still have some balance) I shall update it later.

And I do received queries  and compliments on how my skin looks like now. So up to you readers. As for me I will continue using them and have some thoughts of being their agents.... Hehe

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