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Beauty Product Review: Kaylena Beaute by KFLN

I was interested to use this product since last year when Leuniey still carrying the baby inside her tummy. The reason is because she using it during her pregnancy so this convinced me that the product is relatively safe.

I am somehow can be a somebody who is sometime so particular about beauty product. My aim to be using all organics and paraben free, Laureth free and mercury free products. Aiming too high with a hole in pocket, I cannot even afford to use one accept if I doing it homemade in the kitchen or back to use something almost similar or close to organics products.

On my first few weeks of using this product (at that time they still using a soap as facial cleanser and with different name too) I do feel a bit of changes on my face skin. Better. Glowing. But I came across from blog hopping a review of mercury products in Malaysia on how a product the reader's used make her skin worst. 

The blogger did not mention any KFLN products anyway but she does put a collage of trending beauty products at that moment in Malaysia which also include the ads of KFLN.

Without thinking much I stopped using it and at the same time I get a joyful news that I am pregnant. 
Things come at the right time. Though the product is safe to use 'claimed by Leuniey herself' I rather take precaution because we have been waited for the child for years.

I wanted to throw them away but somehow I reluctant as this product is approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia thus I hands it down to my friend.

Unfortunately we lost the baby on the first trimester going to 2nd. So it takes months for me to come back up after looking at my own dreadful reflection in the mirrors. During the pregnancy I have pretty glowing facial skin but with very bad back acne. When the baby gone things was not so great on my face. As the back pimples come to subside my face took place for being dark and dull and some unwanted pimples and rashes. 

After a long research of beauty products that I should use I think I rather give it another try for Kaylena Beaute by KFLN. This time around I did not buy them directly from the HQ but from Farah a Kaylena stokist in Cheras. A very good person to dealing with.

So I received the package. New package with the solution cleanser instead of soap and with toner (last time I bought it did not come with toner) treatment moisturizer, SPF 20+ day cream and night cream.

I would say it does good to my facial skin (I did not expect an immediate effects anyway). The glowing face and simple application does help save my time and bucks( I do not have to buy foundation and loose powder)

But I need to brought something for the management to notice. It's undeniable the packaging of Kaylena Beaute so sweet with pink and silver font written on the box but somehow the packaging of individual items is so flimsy. The small packaging only take a few space in your handbag and very light but because of easy fallen cap of the cleanser and toner make them easy to pump out by itself and the creams always have some spill around it body. Though the cap of creams is well tighten but there are some sneaky residue left on the outside of the container.

I need to bring this matter up as for improvisation. I'm happy with the product itself but not at the product container flimsinest. (I not going to get the matter of the relativity of the products cubic meter over the price though...) as I trust on the ingredients and the expiry of the products is 6months it does show the rack life is short so if it fill in bigger container some wastage might happen. Good things always happen in a short time right. 

Again IMO this is a good product as it do wonder to myself but somehow the products container is still am mehhh for me. 

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