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Our Heaven On Earth: The Living Room

After all procrastination, here I am writing again (for second time)I need readers to help me out to decide what shape of our coffee table should be that suit our living hall. Should it be rectangular, circle or a square or ununiform shape perhaps. I am totally have no idea.

As currently susunatursioca.blogspot.com having a contest and as a platform for idea sharing on how people in Malaysia especially, decorate their living hall I would like to take this opportunity to ask things that bother me much. 

We have been living here for a year but there are still so many bare walls and empty spaces and insufficient storage (psst.. We still do not have a wardrobe and not even having a bed frame to make it even worst to describe). 

Apart from budget constraint, I personnally wanted to have a curated home. Where everything we bought have a purpose and something valuable in the future. 

Here some photos that will do the judgement of our house current state. I always wanted a three seater sofa (customized one...dreaming) in grey and decided to combine and blend it with other furniture that I will encounter in the future. As I fond to this grey fabric sofa at Casa Moderno at one of my solo visit to furniture store which cost us quite a chunk of money, I've decided to come back with my husband to take his opinion. 

Yes, it a nice grey fabric with high quality sofa but my husband interested to settle down with the one in the photos. It was a display unit with a price cheaper than the one I fond to and to top it, if I agree to his decision I do not have to fork out any cent to buy them. Yeah for me. They are 3 + 2 seater and with additional hand rest that are very thick make them look even bulkier. Once they arrived and settled in our living room they took up much of the space we have and as I am being racist to them for being white the wide seating make them like a super single bed and they make the comfiest sofa and I started to love them (actually I found out this sofa is almost identical to the one featured on in the House drama series).

Months has gone, as our area here still undergoing a lot more other constructions nearby this sofa did build up a little dust. Good thing about it we can wash the fabric but I myself not trusting neither my husband nor I to separate them to wash the sofa covers and hardly thinking would the cover fit like new without any fabric shrink or what's not. 

As for the carpet we used to have my mom's carpet which much larger in size but not as my like in term of the design. Therefore my husband bought this 3D damask design Turkish carpet in grey which we bought somewhere in Shah Alam near Upin Ipin Studio.

I love how every time I coming down the stairs and this carpet draws so much attention, but please bare in mind with 3D carpet you need to expect some unleveled furniture or some dirt or dust collected in the shallow part. 

And now as raya approach I think I should buy a coffee table that suit this twins and really need your ideas and comments what should and what not. 

I know there are a lot more things that we should do such as a day curtain and some wall features/wall frames need to be pulled in to make this living hall looks more lively. I guess I concentrate on the coffee table first to make more comfortable conversation area. 

If you have some idea on how you decorate your living hall you may enter the contest Here

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{ Fizah } at: September 2, 2014 at 11:53 AM said...

sorry for the late comment! but i always love the rectangle shape rather than circle...but sometimes circle works wonderful too...!! =)

not much helping rite? but after all, i really LOVE the white sofa..!!

{ ilyia nur ab rahman } at: September 17, 2014 at 11:16 AM said...

simple and cozy! saya suke..saya suke..ak lagila..curtain pon tak buat lagi..beli je yg kt ikea yg murah2 tu dulu ahaha..carpet pon pinjam mak punye heeee...kat mana eh nak cari carpet2 design chic n modern?

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