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Throwback: Engagement dress on a budget (Baju Tunang Simple dan Murah)

It's the season again... My weeks filled with anything related to people take another step on their relationship. I was not a favor of wedding before not until after my marriage, I'm kind of love weddings. Because I know how happy for being a bride.  I'm happy to listen to their story of preparation. How creative once a tomboy and those who always said they have "tangan kejung" and not creative I.e; myself.

Throwback on my preparation for my majlis pertunangan. It was a simple engagement day. A freshly grads with a minimum salary how could I afford to have a grand one. To be the first who engaged among the three siblings (langkah bendul), my mom got way too excited and tends to park a cost for things related to engagement. The hantarans decoration.Therefore I have to divert a small budget indeed a very small budget for my baju tunang. I wanted a simple baju tunang dan murah. Thus the best things is to revamp an existing dress.

I sew beads and fake pearls on my mom baju kurung with 80s cutting (yes that vintage!) just to enhance it but not overpower the dress my mom got from her late mother in law. It's just a normal nylon mixed chiffon old timer kinda fabric.

The cream colour suited well with the theme. This dress actually happened to be the star. Still a star. Always got the compliment from my cousins. Apart how gorgeous the rest of my cousins' dress. They always come back and compliment my engagement dress. Not because of the dress is nice and sweet (they still are!) but because of how sentimental it become.

P/s: will took a proper photo later.

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