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Travel: London, England

Since I was small I always dream about London (Blame the "London Bridge is Falling Down" nursery rhyme. To experience London quite late while most of my friends and neighbours already went to London while they were still young at this age is totally open up my eyes. Every time we went out travelling I drawn to the architectures and the geography of the area.
So while in London my attraction is towards their building. Envy them on how they merged the old with the new though the buildings are not well blended perfectly. But the separation makes it unique and a bit crowded.
One thing I notice while using the tube and at the underground station, the women and the men all are well dress. They look like "Chuck and Blair" mix of Sherlock here and there and Mr. Gatsby. They all look beautiful.
We went there while it almost winter. Cold windy and rainy (Typical London as most said).

1. Took the Red Bus Tour (Kalau using Underground jer apa nak nampak kan)
2. Still require Oyster (Most of the attractions are easily access by underground train)
3. Comfy and stylish shoes (At least you have to dress like Serena kan)

So we arrived from York, England to Grand Central, London.
 Then we use the underground to Notting Hill, There are few lines but easily understandable plus the customer service is very helpful. Here where we buy for our Oyster card.

We decided to stay at the Notting Hill area because.... entahlah maybe because the name and the area kind of our starting point and very near to the station. We stayed at the top level and we still can feel the building shaking when the train passes underneath.
We left our luggage at the hotel and start by fuel up our energy by non other than London famous Fish & Chips before proceed with our sightseeing.

It is walking distance to Portobello Road. You can find the cheapest London keychains, mugs, fridge magnets and many more and mainly sell by Pakistani, Indian and other nationallity. If you are lucky you will be entertained by someone who is very nice or else by egoistic Indian/Pakistan workers.
You will be welcomed by lots of local independent designer shop, antics and colourful shops. It is quite crowded because it is one of tourist attraction. I cannot imagine during the weekends sure it will be more exciting with stalls.
Every shops having it unique attraction. The only things I love the most is door knob. They having such nice and decorative door knob. Though to buy them but they are quite a burst to the pocket.
We need to be savvy as we have another 2 days in London.
The antics are the main attraction apart of the souvenirs and mostly scream with English historic item and British flags. Tins, pots, storage, plate, silverware and many more... and I love it. I enjoy looking at the antics and remake.

At the end of the Portobello Road you may find a restaurant own by a Malaysian family, with a name MAKAN. Surprisingly the customer mainly are not Malaysian or Asian but local people there. we had a stopped here for my husband to had a Teh Tarik.
We proceed with our sightseeing to the high-end street which is Kensington Street. It is the location of the famous Harrods.
We were there on November so London very busy for Christmas and year end holiday. Most off the shops already decorated with lights and nice display and ocean of Middle East tourist. We quite reluctant at first to went into Harrods as from the outside itself the feeling of unaffordable items and luxurious make us lost our confident. But we are here bile lagi nak masuk...

We were welcome by doormen and inside Harrods perfumed with Ouds. The arabs are everywhere. Thus terus berangan orang Arab. masuk Harrods mendatangkan riak sekejap. The frts thing we encounter is a big chandelier and there is a section dedicated to Princess Diana and the owner son Dodi Al-Fayed. There is fountain and statue as memory of great love.

We gasped once we entered the handbag section where this Old Fat woman in Black Abaya and scarf scanned her bag with an outstanding price of 20k pound. But mainly we can concluded that this mall is meant for the middle east people. I feel like in Dubai instead of London.

Across the street is the famous Paul. I heard and read a lot about it. So the confident coming out from Harrods we straight to almost close Paul.

 We had the famous hot chocolate as I am not a coffee person. The hot chocolate is rich, and indescribable. If you had a chance please try. It is splurge for a cup of hot chocolate but we licked them out until nothing left...
We headed back to our hotel walking towards the Marble Arch and very nice buildings torch by spotlight and Christmas decoration.

The next day we took the hop on and hop off bus. We booked them earlier while we in Malaysia. After breakfast we headed to the nearest bus stop that has a sign of the red big bus tour. We supposed to watch the changing guards but was told  it was cancelled as the weather was not allow it to do so. Therefore we had more time exploring others without rushing to get to the Buckingham Palace. So we go with the flow.

It was raining and windy and being in the bus at least save us a lot from stranded somewhere. We might not able to discover much but we cover most of the area. We got to see the blue cock given by the France (Le Coq Sportiv, remember the blue cock icon).

The famous lions guarding the Trafalgar Square.
and deeply inside wishing I could come back and enjoy visiting the Museum.

After freezing on the bus we decided to get down somewhere near the Paul's Cathedral. Instead off going to the Cathedral and get the ferry tour we went into shops to warm our body a bit. We get contacted with our friend in London and we took underground to Oxford Circus.

We had another Fish & Chips lunch which is way better than yesterday but we should not be greedy. The portion is big. Very big. This area is modern shopping area. Famous shop such as Topshop, Mark & Spencer, Boots, Ted Baker & others.

We went to Wembley Stadium. You ingat I tau ker pasal bola memang tak laa... But this Stadium looks like new and the best thing is the have a London Designer Outlet.
 However most of the shop still not operating yet. I believe by this time it should be ready for some business. After a few shopping we went for some serious food. We are looking for Halal food that hot & spicy. A hot soup, rice and other comfort food are most welcome. Our friend brought us to Kilburn area to this famous Halal affordable Thai restaurant.
This small restaurant served Thai food. It was delicious. Sejuk campur masakan panas memang thorbaik...

Then we went for a movie at Westfield. A new shopping mall. You can find malaysian food and halal steak here but the price is quite expensive.

After movie we say goodbye and had our back to hotel by bus using the oyster card. End of our second day in London.

Did I mentioned that our big bus tour is for 2 days passes? But on our last day in London the weather was very nice. So we take a walk and thought to get the bus somewhere else once our foot say no.
We had a walk at the famous Hyde Park. London have many parks. but Hyde Park is the main attraction. They will have a winterwonderland opening tonight but unfortunately we cant join that as our train to York will be tonight as well.

Inside, An old Kensington palace with a Victoria statue facing the lake. Here you may take your kids for some activity inside with some price to pay.

Facing the palace is a  memorial dedicated to Princess Diana. Its a huge lake with swans ducks and birds.
We headed straight until we found Albert. Albert love music.
As a symbol of his love to music his statue located facing the Royal Albert Hall. A very nice red half-sephere looking building.

Until we reach the end of the park. We decided to get the red big bus tour a hit once more.
As we walked to find the correct bus stop. We again came across the Harrods.
and his twin, the Harvey Nichols.
We found underground station near by and decided to go to Arsenal to please Arsenal die hard fan here.
A quiet neighbourhood and the stadium location is very near to the houses. Wonder how they live in when there is a game held here.
After a stroll around the stadium, we went back to town. and headed for big bus tour. We again start the journey with clearer sky.The Big Ben.
This is actually a parliament. It is huge. Have so many wings.
Had on the bridge and here at Westminster area locate the famous Eye of London.
We hop on the bus and as for myself excited with building architecture and how they maintain it. We do have this kind of building at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman however modernisation covered them. Hope the government and Malaysian could aware how beautiful are these building if we maintain them.
Still excited with the old buildings. and some monumen. the details are magnificent. The glass decor urghh cantik.

The royal court of justice. Look at this detailing.

And as simple as this window. This give idea of small garden decor. A topiari at windows. How nice.

And we take a walk from London Bridge through the lady with lamp building to the Tower Bridge.
As I was young I always thought the the tower bridge is the London Bridge. Digest the song people. The London Bridge has falling down. So what ever you see today is only a normal bridge. Not the tower bridge.
This Tower Bridge offers the tourist to climb up and there is some exhibition going on that day.
And from here you may see the London Bridge and how Thames capture the new modern building.
This where I told before how they merged but with distinctive shape that somehow make it unique.
We almost come to an end by visiting the Buckingham Palace.
I was fool by the size upfront. But by reading the infomation this Palace is huge and extended at the back. Surrounded by the parks.
There is no changing guards event. Please do check on their schedules.
We took some picture here

and headed back to our hotel and get ready to go back. We took the near by undergraound but have to pass through another park. The Green Park

Our journey almost come to an end. So while waiting for our train we had a stroll in the Grand Central.
Here you may find the 9 3/4 platform.

Here in London you can choose what type or kind of visit you want to do, shopping, Harry Potter visit, Kids or as for our initial plan is to follow the history of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.
 New Ceiling of Modern Grand Central

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