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Our Heaven On Earth: The Living Room

As of today whatever that you see here is actually how our living room look like. The huge comfy sofa was on display when we bought them. They were wide as single bed and have a few kids shoe mark. 

I personnaly did not have an eye on them but then it was on display and my husband said it fit his pocket. 


I always wanted a single sofa and not a sofa set. I always thought they will make my house look smaller and heavier. 

I accepted the offer to have this for our living hall as this will be fully paid by my husband instead of the initial plan we have to split into half. 

Without thinking on the size while buying and never knew the size our living hall. When this twins come it took most of the room plus my dining furniture.

I had this thinking to place the two seat sofa upstairs at the family hall and guess what. It does not fit. I hve to see this 2+3 sofa formation from now on.

Despite that, we still need a coffee table but until today i could not decide on whether to have it in square/rectangular or round table.

Any suggestion?

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{ Fizah } at: April 23, 2014 at 9:44 AM said...

coffee table round shud be better kut..hihi kena tunjuk ruang ni lbh sket baru dpt gambaran..wah gitu...hihi

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