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Surirumah berjaya

I dont think so there are such thing as full time, part time housewives. Personnaly i think once you are a wife there are so many hats that you put on at a time but the housewife is a full time.
Betul x? I myself always wonder how those amazing woman can pull off so many things at a time.
Anak berderet2 kerja lagi masak lagi buat kerja rumah jaga badan jaga husband (i wanted to say laki but my mom said x respectful kpd great man that you love) 

Maka orang macam saya ni kn la buat reference. Luckily I found this great local blog dedicated for managing our home sweet home. Macam focus group gitew. Ada banyak cabaran and info where other bloggers can share their thoughts and idea and definitely ada hadiah. Dan orang macam saya curi idea tu... Hehehe...

This month they are having cabaran untuk family area... My family area only have a box of fan yg x dipasang and lampu yg juga belum dipasang so definitely i thirst for ideas... Kindly check them out at Susun Atur Sioca and the price giveaway is from my friend Puan Rehana yang i tell you too many hats at once (wife, mom, employee, businesswoman, daughter, muslim, and the list goes on)

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{ Rehana~ } at: March 31, 2014 at 12:50 PM said...

miss you kirin!!

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