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Our Heaven On Earth: Guest Room

At first we thought to have a home office right at the room near to our kitchen. So that both of us working and can see each other... kononnya. Though we rarely have guest coming in but once they come we knew we need to create some privacy space for them.

to perform solah
for a changing room
for a proper resting place
for mommy baby breasfeeding moment
to keep our privacy as well upstairs

Currently the room occupied by my things (kitchen equipment and item) and in house ampai... hahahah. Being realistic I am very sure that my dry kitchen will take much longer time to be physically available, therefore i would like to proceed with either guest room or home office. 

Not being selfish, I myself decided (without consulting my hub) to proceed with the guest room. 

Something worth to share before any project start up.

Therefore some of things in mind

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