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Travel: York, England

We have this friends. A couple. One beautiful couple. Funny, lovely, romantic and definitely humble. Whenever we are hungry and looking for some place to just relax we give them a call and appear in front of their apartment in a minute. 

After few "frequent" visit lepaks at their house, they gave us a shocking news that they are moving!!!!
What on earth?!!! Where are we going to go and where else the best house to crash if not theirs???

Deep down I knew, they try to run away from us from crashing their place again. Trying to avoid seeing a crazy couple (that's us) who love their house and make their house like our house. 

We can't accept the facts. We chase them down. Wherever they are we must keep our ritual alive. Our weekends wont feel the same for not coming and visiting their crib.

Guess what?! We hunt them down and found out there are hiding in UK. hahahaha 

Andd..... now they are living in York. I love the country side environment. Calm, nice view, friendly people, lovely, humble architecture, and I am in love with it. They are so lucky to live in it.

The architecture & restoration

The history

Their hmm... ghost

 The weather
the entertainment

 The foododo

the farmers market

many more.... the outlet, the hospitality, my companion, the breeze, the transportation and for obvious reason we came just to crash our friend's house... kat malaysia je x cukup

We would like to say, with all the love that we have we thank you for everything while we were there. Live in style kak syima & abg benkz... Good luck to you guys and every malaysian in York.

How bout this time you come and crash our place plak... which is in ermmm Malaysia... 

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