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Moisturizer you can trust

The first time I use this moisturizer back when i was in high school. It was the jewel back then. Most of my friend trust this. Biasalaa when kawan sorang ni pakai St. Ives then everybody using it. Pengaruh rakan sebaya. But we believe in St. Ives did great things with all of our jerawat gatal heheheh. 

Then when the zits subside of course the face was painted with all the scars. Searching for the best moisturizer, one of my friend's mom bought her Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream. It works wonder. 

Though I have been using many other brands I always come back to this. 

I totally rely on it and bring it with me here in Europe during autumn where i knew i will be having dry skin and all. Trust me this jar of moisture is a savior. 

(Of course, people will say that kalau dah selalu pakai sure x dry kan, but tell you what my skin gets super dry in cold whether be it naturally or in air conditioner room, that's explain why i do not prefer air conditioning room apart of x tahan sejuk my skin will be very itchy)

So to conclude i would say this moisturizer is the best so far. It does not left any oily residue and x payah harap of great smell lah.nothing fancy though looking by the label pun tau dah. But it totally worth it with the price it offer. 

You may find this at any local pharmacy.

P/s: I still love B2B:Back2Basic Coconut Caramel body cream as well for the texture and smell... Yummy... Review here for more.

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