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Our Heaven On Earth: Organizing Kitchen Cabinet

I was triggered by my neighbour's blog on her view to organize her kitchen cabinet.
She has such a beautiful home and two adorable daughters and her idea on organizing kitchen cabinet  is somehow is a cheap and quick project. You may click here to see her home projects. I never met her yet but i wish to see her anyday soon...

My aim is to bought a few containers that fits inside my cabinet beside the oven and the cabinet that i place my gas. 

I better not share with you guys the rest of the before photos coz it was not pleasing to the eyes. This is the only decent before photo
My beside oven cabinet is very narrow and deep. It sure easyly things get 'lost', you know the out of sight out of mind... I will definitely totally forgot all about it, i'm still figure out what should i do to ensure that those item will not get expired when i found them. Hehehehe and i am open for any suggestion.

Thus the best i can thought of to combine all together the sauces & condiments in a container. And my milo and nestum at the back. Sort of like a breakfast things in it. Below it i put all my dry goods that are  in packets in a container just to have an organized look. Hope this will stay longer without mess and work with me.

The other side, i place my herbs and to maximized it im using this tier drawer which i bought from groupon/my deal.... My review x payah beli laaa.... It does help in term of spacing but very flimsy anyhooo dah belikan guna jela...
Below it i place my cleaning cloths and tea cloth as well as my blender courtesy of my best friend who understand me best that we are blender zero when we move in.... Hehehe

Baru boleh buat sambal... Hehehe

Next to it is the corner cabinet where gas taken place. Now it fully utilized since gas is place at the corner and next to it is where im going to put my rice and a staking containers of potatoes, garlics, shallots and onions. Our untoughtful wedding gift given by my husband's friend place here and my folded drying rack will be hanged at this door soon and my rice cooker in between with knives.

(Tips: Knives should be hidden to avoid any incidents happens... Based on the true story, my friend's house was intrude by someone from their kitchen and the intruder took her knive which was place on the counter and robbed them.... Minta disimpangkan tetapi sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga better than sorry)

Very compact and the thing that i want actually want to accomplish is.....

Nothing should be on my counter top.

Still trying to working on things and maximized the storage in the compact kitchen. Any suggestion accepted.
 Kitchen Cabinet dari Everskill...

3 people have to say a little bit of something:

{ Fizah } at: November 27, 2013 at 5:12 PM said...

nice sharing dear...:)

{ blog-tips-kurus } at: December 29, 2013 at 12:11 PM said...


dapur saya sangat kecik. perlu idea utk beli kitchen cabinet.

{ Torascool } at: February 23, 2014 at 3:37 AM said...

cantik sangat

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