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Our Heaven on Earth: Painting Stairs Rail

Since we did not doing any renovation, i personnaly thing a home should look different from others. Thus during my MC leave, after a doctor visit, i give myself a visit to a hardware shop to buy a small size white paint for metal, paint brush (ask the hardware worker paint brush for metal/ oil paint brush) and a thinner.

I was told that a brush is better than a roller. The finishing is nicer. As a beginner and i myself never tried using a roller i cannot give any comments. This is one of the cheapest way to personalize your house.

Before, the railing is in dark brown. 

Nak cat tangga ni ada step, terutama sekali guna cat minyak

1. Bersihkan tangga, lap habuk. 
2. Buat habis first layer then only 2 nd layer. 1 st layer x yah tebal2 enough to cover the railing area
3. 2nd layer cover any cat yang tidak sekata
4. Ensure enough air ventilation
5. Drink a lot of water
6. Beware it may tooks half day to do it completely

1st layer

End result

Before & after. 

In reality it does look a bit camourflage with the wall, and make the house wider.

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