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Our heaven on earth: check defects

Salam morning, we have the keys! Excited?! No! Stress ?! Yes! Keluar je dr amik kunci or when you about to enter your house tons of contractors coming in obviously to give better service and price. Tak sempat jejak kaki pun lg.

So we just have a go through in the house. Nak balik kn tahan jugak. Rimas but they just do their works. Bolehla alau nak feeling- feeling mcm retis kn hurung dgn paparazzi bolehla.

Next we decided to do defects list. Remember once you start renovating your house any defects will not covered by developer anymore yer. So i start my paperless checklist tools to bring for defects checking.

I takes half of the day. I am soluting myself to be soo cerewet. Just imagine i do duck squat to check all the tiles, up n down. Check if there any hollow or chip and cracked. We found around 155 defects. We dunno whether they going to change them or what. At least we are trying. Furthemore you got the right, you pay for it.

However one thing we did not do and have to go back to check. Yes we already open the tap, faucet running the shower cuma kami x try tadah. Luckily my husband get an advice from his friends to tape on (with black tape) all water drain in the bathroom and let them dry or sit for a week. Meaning that next week we have to drop by and check again. If there any leaking mark appear.

So please add on black tape in the checklist together with water, food, old news paper to sit on.

So have fun check defects rumah baru. Bring some love in early stage. InsyaAllah everything is ok.

We even took a bit of the time measuring the kitchen as well as all the windows for windows treatment later aka curtains.

Ya Allah, ni semua duit ni... Doakan kami a smooth journey ya.

P/s: we bumped to one of the neighbours on the other row, she said its normal to have a reno of RM70k for this kind of house. Ermm... We are definitely not going there... We try to take everything slowly. Hope our strategy works! Pray for us ya

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