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Green Home: Cleaning Product - baking soda

Our house is ready and we going to move in few weeks or might be a month. The pressure is on babeyh...

The only thing i can think right now is how am i going to clean the house?

Should I wait until all contractors do all their job or i have it pre clean

What ever it is i already set in my mind that its going to be a green home. If it not 100% at least im trying to live in healthier lifestyle.

Im might have to ditch some over shelf cleaners and stick to more eco friendly version.

I youtubed, googled and read and one of the item shod have is baking soda.

For added excitement and kesungguhan i found the giant baking soda.

Im trying to find a distilled vinegar on my next errands running.

So please go to cleanmyspace.com as a refference to have a better home.

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