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Get organized: Warranties & Manuals files

We use to file everything inside our family binder. Where there is a section for Warranties.

The smaller receipts/manuals & warranties sometimes cannot be punched as my thoughts it will void.
Thus the poly-envelopes/ document folders are my choice and i dumped everything inside it. It does work. only that this kind of envelope are limited to find. The common that i encounter are the document files without the holes. By the way the holes as well not perfectly fits the rings. But still guys it does work. Only that u have to consume a bit of the time to find the right one. just a bit of time.

As I am now into this organizing project and dari duk menunggu our house ready apa kata i did something ahead untuk ofis idaman sang arjuna cinta itu. To have a home office is one of his dream. And I myself already visualize what & where to puts things already. Big dream huh?!

Anyway this organizing project is actually an improvisation from the earlier one.
Item required:

1. Warranty/Manuals/Receipts - I keep the major ones. 
2. Magazine File - CBE 
3. Document Files with claps - Lots of it according to your needs 
4. Document/Posted Note Label-er
5. Label Maker

Amacam? Better right? Easy to access, you save up on the time (no punching holes, no turning on pages)
Its more visual pleasing. 

I divided them into categories depends what suits us best. I might add up the categories from what I currently have. The color coded categories make them easy to read. 

Gadget - phones, camera, label maker, 
Kitchen - Oven, rice cooker, microwave, juice mixer (Related to kitchen)
Furniture - Table, mattress, sofa
Beauty - Hair dryer, Shaver
Auto - GPS, Radio, (things related to your car)
Apparel - Handbags, Jackets, Shoes, watches (those expensive ones), 
Appliances - Fan, Air-cond, TV, DVD

Tips: Do not put Miscellaneous as its actually make us make that as junk files (this what i learn from the organizers junkie) 

Thinking back of this, there are lot of advantages:
1. No missing manuals & warranties
2. If wanted to sell the stuff it comes with manuals & warranties orang lebih percaya and as added value.
3. Remember when we place the manuals & warranties inside the product's boxes ( i did that! esok nak search out the manuals in the store, sigh!) as it aged either it will be discoloured or as makanan lipas paling enak dimuka bumi, at least this method save up some of your time & even the warranties dan paling penting you tak de lah terpaksa meredah habuk dan segala apa yang ada dalam store kan?

I get this idea from Alejandra Castello, only that I rather keep them in the magazine files than in the binder, for me it is easier that way. Remember organize thing depends on what best works with you. Happy organizing people! Have better ideas? share-share ler... 5S katanya!

5 people have to say a little bit of something:

{ Fizah } at: January 24, 2014 at 3:43 PM said...

alamak..nak jugak ada label maker..menyenangkan kerja label-olic cam saya ni..hee...brp awak beli n kat mana?

btw, sistem pemfailan awak sungguh cun! :)

{ ain syakirin hanaffi } at: January 24, 2014 at 4:46 PM said...

Fizah, kirin beli kat challenger the mines, fizah boleh try www.becon.my

{ Linda } at: January 27, 2014 at 12:51 PM said...

Salam ukhwah, saya follow sini ;)

{ suri } at: January 28, 2014 at 2:48 PM said...

tengah fikir cara untuk simpan waranty fail. Thanks for the idea... boleh ciplak ek...

{ Blusher Merah } at: February 8, 2014 at 3:13 PM said...

Salam,...Waaa...bestnya,...nak tiru..

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