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Birthday ardelea

Her mom going all histeria months before we going to celebrate Ardelea's birthday. My sister wants her child to dress in tutu. So its going to be a princess party. Then everything has to be pink. Then she wants that later she wants this lastly we endup a rainbow theme. And my sister get my niece to wear a tutu skirt. She bought a few tutu dresses and either it looks ugly or the tutu lookalike is more or way too blah.. And lucky her to have a sister a youtube junkie therefore i give her a solution to diy her own baby tutu dress.

After work, i skipped my dinner and straight to pump the almost 200 balloons. And right there and then i thought "ok Dear, this is your birthday present". Yup almost 200 and there are still alive as i post this.

Apart from that, Ardel's gorgeous auntie not only having imbalance leg due to pumping and reds fingers due to tighting the balloons she is so great of making a caramel pudding. " bangga sat"

We make it simple, coctails style lah kononnya. Kambiang panggiang, chicken chop, roti jala, cakes, puffs, tarts, jelly dan byk lagi. Ardel's mom & uwan definition of simple. Simple sangat.

Some may seen it in my instagram some may not. So enjoy.

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