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Good Housekeeping: organize make up table & drawer

First: tossed, eye mo if you could not remember when u open it,
Then tossed rubbish & all expired item & stuff u never used over a year or more
Empty the selected area & Separate items by categories
Vacuum the area before place & organize them

Now I am very into organizing stuff. Selepas kejayaan mengatur dan mengemas almari sang arjuna dewa ku seperti disini, makin membuak-buak rasa nak mengemas dan mengatur meja solek dan laci.

Gambar atas adalah gambar selepas, sebab x nak bagi gambar berkepah lagi huduh menjadi main picture.

At first i was searching for a silver or gold or bronze tray but it is no where to find. Tapi bile pikir balik nanti x stand out so terjumpa tiles putih... Pun boleh

* saya set on top of the table is for perfumes & brushes sahaja!
* empty bottle silelah ke tong sampah atau bgler pd collectors. Buat semak saje.
** saya suka body mist victoria secret setelah diperkenalkan oleh roommate saya dulu dan beliau menghadiahinya pun... Satu from izyan & another one from yanie... Thank u gorgeous ladies.
*** the kissing giraffe from my bestfriend wani... Who love beauty & she is a beauty... Nak bg a bit stand out the colour is bright & bring more fun to the make up table. Nice placement for my brushers!

I shoudnt post this but nevermind... This is not normal but because i try to keep everything inside from clutter dr luar i dump semua dlm ni... My husband is a perfectionist... Mana boleh this thing happen... Pfft!

(thats y i kept his thing, all on top of the table so die x cari anything dlm drawer)

* i separated them by kegunaan. Eg: skin, hair, make up, yg selalu guna kat depan yg jarang guna kat belakang.
* saya separatekan guna container plastic so that xder laa die jumble together. Boleh guna kotak juga. If deep enough boleh guna storage mcm kat ikea tu

My make up in a bag: eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, blusher, mascara

My skin care product: i bought this from a friend i did find perubahan on my skin. Have to wait until a month then only i story morry u ols is it ok ke tak.

A small boxes just to keep the loose item... Buttons pins

So got my make up bag, skin care bag, box of loose items, then my skin enhancement product (ada vs cream jugak... Its good & wangi amatlah menyukainya) then the hair products,deodorants, at the back is my rarely use product, mani pedi set, some cotton pads & cotton buds,wet tissue( a must have item for every girl) mirror, unopened husband's perfumes & some toiletteries (we r outstationers so might need things ready)

Where r the pads??? I keep it in some other place. We only used during the menses kan so x perlu dlm ini drawr.

Ini untuk everyday used.

P/s: terbeli brg online plak memalam ni haish not good... Not good...

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