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Good Housekeeping: Organized handbag

I have a big handbag where i dump everything inside. I will only keep them tidy when i feel like i want to.

Here is the junk that i was carried EVERYWHERE. they just sits randomly in my bag.

:: bills, letters, transaction slips! Key chains 2 lipsticks and a lipgloss & of coz an expired eye mo ::

1st. Toss whatever you can to weigh off your bag. This is what cause your shoulder pain.

2nd. Keep the rest items you havent used in the handbag. My eg. I always forgot to where lipstick. Why i have to bother to have different shades. Keychains, use it as it is pfft!

3rd. Get a bag that have lot compartment. Remember where u put the item is for easy reach.

4th. Seperate items according to type and frequency of use. Like touch & go card, access card. Gadgets. With zipped pocket i put all my receipts, a pen & memo notes.

:: the larger compartment i have my wallet, my cable & make up case, my "monthly safeguards" in pouch::

Hopefully this could be remain as it is for a longer time.

Another tips is to keep the weekly coins that we have in coins bank!

Wah dah x berat mata memandang and dah x berat bahu memikul

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