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i cant wait to start revamp my room

last time as far as i remember tym zaman² movie ada apa dengan cinta, britney spears (ahaks kelako)

everything is in pink

so my room wall should be pink in colour too.... i painted it myself with no one help in the middle of the night coz x der sapa yg agree with my decision to pull that colour on the wall.

i did it the night before hari raya... = i dont sleep before raya

so Puan Sri menjaja cerita sepanjanghari raya yg I nih jadi buruh kasar the night before...

haish **malu + bangga**


biler my sis covered her wall in apple white colour... i x tido in my room but i share with my sister... x sangka how soothing is the colour... rasa nyaman

n my brother use my room as his

but he use it to put his baju n all laa... tido... x

so since we are (as for my sis n I) getting married n we will not using the master bedroom yg luas lagi bergaya tuh...

we agreed to use our own room

im gonna take back my room-my brother's room to be the bilik pengantin...

Since i got a chandelier for my birthday...

maka i cant wait!!!!

dah x tido malam dah

the langsir is ready (kerja my mom... walaupun i ckp x pyh)

as usual terpengaruh dgn rancangan di televisen

i dream of a room that going to be like this

for our own home (dunno where the house going to be at)

dah survey

i found similar bed

except the cupboard...

mana nak cari ek those like cupboard

i saw mirror cupboard in anya handimarch at pavilion

rasa mcm nak tny jer who is the contractor

i found this blog which is very much helping

For my bilik pengantin

we will not buy new furniture

we just revamp current one

since later we might use the as guest room (sekarang x der guest room,,, jarang ada guest dtg tido)


langsir -checked

so now im trying to find a full body length mirror

kinda like this

for 3 units

oh and the wall will be coverted in basic cream colour

and the fixed customade cupboard n bed will just remain the same... xbli baru

cume will be varnish in darker colour...

another chepo tricks for kawin

masalahnyer sekarang x start² lagi me-revamp my room nih....


kalau dah

n if i remember

i will post the before n after look ok

including the cost

wait n see

boleh x kiter berjaya

work within budget....
ps:all pics from uncle google

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