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Pada tarikh pertama saya berada di alam suku abad

What else you could ask more...

on the night the clock strike 12am 9 Feb 2010

i was in Aesha (one of the darlings) haus just finished the tahlil where one table left for me n her to solve aesha's brother assignment of binomial expansion...

seb baik i dont fool myself there where all their uncles n aunties looking and try to help aesha's brother who needs to submit the assignment and have a quiz tomorrow where he has to take it alone (meaning no tiru²)

i done it well (i rasa during my time, i copy others jer)

i buat sendiri all (luckily those are easy maths)

i miss my years studying (n i remember during my study years i wish i working)

so i start to loving it... i know this Jubli Perak of mine going to be awesome tommorrow

then as usual the phone cant stop ringging with all the messages...

Thank You ALL

i slept with tonne of birthday wishes and prays for me...

i woke up by the singing of my mother the "happy birthday to u"

hug n kisses on bed and tonnes of messages on facebook

apart from feeling very excited with hint my friends gave me the night before...

Got celebration in the office

and back at home my darlings kidnap me for my surprise where i 'paksa' them to do...

my fiance did say 'dah masuk 3 tahun on your birthday celebrate dgn kawan²'

ada ouch sikit but momantai... the ouch is a sign of love hehehehe....

so a little celebrations with tired faces of my darlings from hectic workday

i love them much to the bit... or in funny words from someone

"i love them FULL"


i did get birthday present in advance from my SuperMan ----> the chandelier

psst! mula² die membebel but then biler dah beli he smile along the way back home...

n i received a present from my junior and there are the words

" Live life to the fullest"

and yes! i living in it yesterday

i cant stop feeling happy until i fall asleep

what else you can ask for when you are surrounded by people you love most and love you back as much as you do???

i have a very blast JUBLI PERAK

for others who going to celebrate theirs... Hv a BLAST

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