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New Moon

its doesnt referring to twilight,,, ye ye saya x tgk lagi,, n not intended to,,,
cheh tipu,,,
i did asked zu to have some of his tym to join me n my bf to watch this movie
and he answered: -DECLINED-

apa punya worang! anyway though i miss u beb,,, as a friend of coz (have to put this word takut menyinggung perasaan sesiapa)

its december,,, i x sangka,,, its already DECEMBER,,, the time flies so fast n made me hardly to remember what i have done,,,

now i sibuk mencari where is my drawing,,,, i draw things that i wanted (my resolution in graphic)

so that i know what i have achieved.

Those drawing i must have thrown it away while kemas to clear my room at Asiah (owh sedey nye i miss my room)

x sangka i dah habis study,,,

dah bertukar ganti tempat kerja, dah bertunang

byk juga achievement nyer yer,,,,


i need to start drawing

*** did you guys know buy drawing (graphic), pictures of what you it does help you to achieve what you rather than writing it? its true it does help me***

so everybody, take out your paper and borrow your kids, adik, or just buy a new one colored pencils and draw babeh!

good luck!!

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