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Hantaran Perkahwinan I

Lagi setahun nak kawin,,,
erk,,, nervous plak,,,

My mom taught me to prepare earlier all the things during my engagement on August 2009.
She is Superb when it comes to managing.
I know sometimes early plan doesnt end up as what we plan
yang unplanned tuh yg jadik
(this happend among friends actually,,, i know some of you tgh menganggukkan kepala tanda setuju)

So i havent been to any kursus kahwin,
and will going soon (time nih lah rasa i need an MP3, ipod or even a walkman--- x kisahlah yg kaset pun jadilah,,, hahahah)
Maya Karin's once pnah tulis in a column in a local newspaper saying that kursus kahwinlah yg menjadi punca penceraian,,, sorry if i mistakenly read that,,, so she dont believe what the pre-marriage course helps today marriage stay longer,,,

So since i already start working, and after bills n saving the next day you get your salary you can see in your bank account you only have hundred left to live for a month,,, giler laaa,,,
but somehow i manage to buy somthing for the hantaran perkahwinan already,,,yeay

Guide no 1:
PLEASE MAKE BUDGET (preferrably bajet it by not including the money you get from the groom side)
how many you can save per month for your wedding/engagement x how many month minus one month before the actual date.

example in the humble way:

your wedding is in may 2010, u start rm100 saving on nov 2009

RM100 x 5 (nov-april) = rm500 (try work within that budget for wed)
this is example only...

Guide no 2:
if your bf/tunang birthday is within that month
buy him present that can be used for the hantarans,,,
yeay JIMAT lagi,,,

Guide no 3:
If you have the feeling nak bershopping tp tau yg kalau shopping duit x cukup utk kawen
buy things for your hantarans
walaupun u rasa nak shopping something less than rm50
u can buy flowers (fake one of course) for your bilik pengantin
lampu or anything yg less than rm50 for your perkahwinan/pertunangan

believe me its helps

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