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About My Work III

Yesterday, i followed my superman to have dinner with his friends to celebrate his friend's girlfriend at Laundry@Italiannese The Curve

Happy birthday To NURUL, MUKE's Girlsfriend,,, she soo cantik,,, Together us gather having meals of a long table is Nuek & his Gf (sorry kak i forgot your name, please usha my Superman since he going to work near yourplace), Pokku (which im hoping that Z will tag along, but she busy jogging) Patli and Wajdi,, there are some more friends coming over but i have to go back coz today i have to work

FYI: This is my first time went out after office hour coz biasanya i will straight away balik and get ready to sleep hahahah

So biasala for starters, they give a compliments meal of bread and balsamic vinegar with olive oil. However as previously i went to italianese i did search from the internet and ask the expert regarding what is in the balsamic vineger,,, its actually halal if it contains no wine in it,,, but we as customer sure didnt know where the source coming from.... so better not.... luckily Nuek's GF hold us of before someone cicah,,,hehehe

** no pic is taken during my present**

and for today,,, i eat at mamak with my colleagues,,,

He (chinese guy) so a picture of Kaabah, and ask me why people pusing, what it significant to?

and i goes,,, urmmmmmmm.....

what a shame....

do you want a long eplaination or the short one?

he goes,,, they get selected to go kan?

i plak,,, no lah,,,

he said: i thought that tabung select whoever got it then can go for free,,,,

i ckp: x lah,, we save our money inside that tabung for us to prepare to go there,,,,

he goes: oooo,,, (then he saw Surah Yassin frame on the wall),,, u know how to read?

i: yes i do..

he: cube read...

i: and i read fluently...

he: what it says?


***malu kot****

Islam ker x nih?!

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