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ish ish ish
dah tua rupanya,,,

i still havent give him anything for his birthday yet,,,
masih terpk2 nak bg apa disamping hoping that my gaji will be paid soon,,,

but this november, i will do Qurban for myself,
therefore there are few things that i need to hold first,,, like.... shopping for the hantarans,
i know its 365++ days more

but we need to plan it ahead,,, so that instead of i shopping something unneccessary at least i shopping for hantarans (dpt shopping pencuci muka or scrub pun i kire shopping...)

back to my SUPERBMAN birthday

i wish you happiness ahead, good health, a very loving family from both side,, wealth,,,

"he insist me on buying him an ambi pur for his car as a birthday gift"

mintak la up2 skit... mcm selipa jepun ker (imported tau, dari jepun lagi hahaha....)

sincerely from me : unlimited love and care for my dearly fiance,,,,

***how cute it is, when he drop by my house my mom sing to him a happy birthday song before he left dekat halaman rumah ,,, i know he malu,,, tp muka x nampak merah, hahaha,,,,

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{ Ir A.Aziz } at: November 26, 2009 at 6:56 AM said...

Wah, buat korban sendiri? Alhamdulillah. Hebat2! NAnti bila aku dah ada duit siket, maybe leh join ko plak.

{ ain syakirin hanaffi } at: November 26, 2009 at 1:13 PM said...

tulah,,, amik berkat,,, awal2 gaji nih,,, tapi kalau elok,, ada rezeki lebih,,, buat lah,,, share dgn yang lain,,, semoga apa yg kiter dpt nih diberkati,,,

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