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About my work I

This is my third work if it including my industrial training...
during my intern i do feel like an engineer ( a bit la, junior plus it is in my line,,, of course la kan industrial training).
My second job, more like programmer (system engineer to be exact),,, x per engineer jugak,,, cumer im not good with progrmming and the salary is so ciput n i working in long hours,,, seriously loooooong hours,,, but i still get the chance to turun site n went for outside meeting,, eat outside the office radius plus jalan2 di klcc with 2 hours break on Jumaat

but my current job is easy just that my boss is a lady (during intern pun lady gak), perfectionist, and my job description starting before i enter my office are,,,,
1) upon arriving i hv to buy The Star at 7 eleven
2) open the door, switch on fan (for money to come in), air cond and open my boss room
3) i put The Star on her table, open the window, switch on air cond and give ikan makan
4) i pour left over water from the day before to plant or into the aquarium and refill the new one
5) close the window and susun2 her file,
6) switch on my pc wait for other collegue to come and turun bawah to open the offic letter box
7) sort out, open letter if it issue to the company if not put on her table, any invoice wut-eva-little-things hv to put on her table.
8) print resume, post new job,
9)do other things related while waiting her to come in, others i need to inform her her meeting schedule
10) once she in, report all,,, absentee, n office related
11) she will ask me to find nescafe latte,,, x kisah how long it takes where the kedai she want her latte

will posted more

i bukan x bersyukur,,, tapi.....

2 people have to say a little bit of something:

{ SaLiNa } at: November 17, 2009 at 9:26 AM said...

hmmm.. pity u.. jz rela je lar.. hehe..

{ Shereen } at: November 19, 2009 at 7:48 PM said...

sabar lah nak wat camne

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