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About My Work II

Hi all,

i know i did post about it last week,,
and i delete it,,
i approved a comment but somehow its actually link to x rated links of someone blog

so here again i post a picture of the ikans i always talk about

they wont grow big, dont worry but they are very active fish,, they love to jump,,,

My boss will sit and look into the aquarium when there is a fish jump out the aquarium and found dead the next morning,,,
she believes in Feng Shui,,, The company paid thousand just to get the Feng Shui Master service,,,
whatever the Master said is very simple and yet for her very valuable,,,

For example,,, put a fan in front of the door and pointed to her room so that whenever the door open money will come in and straight away masuk to her room

The master also said to put world map behind of my boss table, clock, or anything moving,,,
so that the Chi is there,,,

and she did ask me yesterday,,, SuperGOrgeousSexyPA do you believe in Feng Shui,,,

i was like ... urmmmmm

and then she said.... you should you know,,, if not there will be a bad luck,,,, so that Chi is present in our office,,,

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