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OUR 2nd YEAR together

on 20th of August 2009 is our 2nd anniversary as a couple
last year we went for a romantic dinner

so this year
since both are very bz
i just bought him pressie

ni kire
tips hadiah untuk lelaki/boyfriend or someone who hv a car

my bf is very organize and clean guy
he has a tong sampah in his car
so dont messing around

i bought him something he can use for may MADU(his 2nd gf kan!!!)
this pressie can be very cheap (around rm30) and touch to few hundreds...
so it depends on your budget and quality of the product


i present you

the ultimate things ever


1. bought car wash & wax by KIT... not similar as in the pic
2. Vacuum for car... Macam serupa jer... heheh but make sure that those plug is usable in his car
3. the cleaning cloth, wipe, sponge... quite similar
4. i put it in a box and tie with a riben... (you can replace a box with a pail)

he really loves it,, kalau x naya lah die
penat usaha i

i tot wanna make a delivery to him
but budget lari
i went to his office and gave it to him
plus i bought some donuts from big apple for him
as a replacement for cakes

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