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Its already a year i left my singleton behind and playing double,,,


so we treat our day with a fine-casual dine at Rahsia

The location is quite secluded (refer to the name duh!)

Its surronded by old bangalow at Jalan Damai near Ampang Park.

The ambience so calm so contemporary yet classy,,,

jazz music is the apple to the ears while enjoying the delifabolicous food!!!should try this ASMARA

mango madness sedap jugak nih! he tried his best for the last drop!!

the balineese suite,,, keropok banyak sangat! tp sedap jgak taste more like nasi minyak

but the curry thumbs up!!

chicken roulad

sedap nih


the portion quite small lah
the brownie,,, pergh,,, superb! its like heaven in the heaven!

the best i ever taste!

the time interval for them to serve the food is just nice,, no need to hurry in such place,,, the place where u unwind the wind that u have!!!

their assist u the best they can,, they kept thier distance and so quiet just like the ants,,, soundless,,, they know "have your own time" time,,,"do wuteva u wanna do"


a little momento from Rahsia (click here)

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