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i went here last month
the main reason is to see our home here
dah lama dah x tgk
this project is almost similar like the palm in dubai where the elits spend their money

same goes to this gold coast
and lot of arabs i hear going to live here
most of them foreigners lah yang pasti
almost siap dah
the houses dah dibina tinggal market place and office
very tight security

sooner mesti banyak yatch ke kapal2 kecil yg mewah

Facilities yang disediakan untuk public:

tandas penting tuh:: pelampung2 where moms n dads pening bile anak nak hentak2 kaki!::playground for those who afraid of water:: tempat nyum!nyum!(ada byk lagi if you drive forward)::ample parking space

surau pun ada tp hujung sana sikit

dlu i pegi, there is this huge plastic ball where you can get inside and be like hamster floating kat beach
but kali ni datang x der

ramai jugak org weekdays pun...

so dah jalan jauh2
we singgah infomation centre to have a drink or two

datang2 disambut oleh pak guard yg muka garang tp murah senyuman :)

keadaan berubah from panas to very cozyly nyaman n damai....huuuu

this eatery offers steamboat

jalan2 lagi melihat pemandangan

stop jap have a drink to crunch the thirst!
drink with a view... w

hat else you could ask for

the landscape

for those who nakkan idea for a resort style for small space boleh singgah sini

ada lagi satu tempat makan lagi cantik die punya view
sunset beach
nampak x word eat yg dihighlight kan?

three chefs welcome you in

the interior... bola raga tuh bleh bli kat ikea rasanya

mini golf like garden

tata from guard

kat tempat parking kereta ada nih all the buggee, bicycle and a boat

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