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mencari pengganti

im going to step out from the ofis im currently in for good soon
until the end of this month

pergh its so hard to explain but i manage to get through it
u all hv to see my bosses faces
giler surprise
one tersandar and say no word
another one almost cry

***meaning: im doing something good,,,but ain't good enough
kalau x sure they try to stop me aight???

the 2nd boss wont let me go
i can see he's very frustrated
the 1st boss have to let me go
but he is very dissapointed

they like me
they can see that i can success in thier organization
but then i let them down
i left

but somehow i feel very free
something in my chest turned from solid to gas
more space more air
freedom is on my side

on the other hand
i knew i dissapointed them
i hurt them
out of sudden
i've been thinking about this for like a month
and the guts to say what i felt just come out today

as mention in earlier post that im going treasure hunting with my superman, salina and her bf
however atas disebabkan something happen while forming this group my superman have to step out

kami perlu mencari pengganti

we found one

but at the end i got a phone call from salina that the subtitute cant make it and join us
we all malas to pk
we just try our best to find pengganti

i try to contact almost everybody on my phone
all the x scandals *woops! (they are very kind,,, still kind)
ex school mate that i nvr call like for ages
people that i nvr call but hv their number
neighbour that i hardly talk and see

and i found a savior
junior from my high school

so problem settle
and no stress involve just tired
and freedom combine

hope we win

pray for us

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