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Goodie Bag from MENGO Green Hunt


so today is actually theday we went for the treasure hunt organized by MENGO short for Malaysia Environment NGO

Go Green with MENGO

the questions tough

others are ok with me dunno but my other member

i guess v still way too amateur for it

heh ntah2 v are the last team out of hundreds over teams


but here are the goodies that i get it when i went for the briefing that i unable to carry it along for this treasure hunt

so some are meant to show to my other member what theirs that i kept

later i hv reason to see them hehehe

1. the paper bag from MENGO
2. the mags or the newsletter from WWF- can i kept the tiger front cover tuh team members?
3. the revive isotonic - given away to them dah
4. poscard about save the penyu- i mau bg salina coz she like penyu
5. penyu sticker - nak bg salina jugak
6. postcard - bg others selain me and salina * tp sy dpt merasakan bhw benda tuh saya yg akan simpan
7. button pin- gave them dah

more pic about the day to be post later

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