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penjaga kaunter STAR Lrt Masjid Jamek

this supersexy lady always balik kerja lambat...
repeat lambat
datang awal,,, sgt awal,,, akulah pembuka dan penutup hari
i am happier once i step out from the office
so i dont mind being push in the train
or have to q for 3lapis panjang kat klcc PUTRA station
i dont mind if i have to walk for few minutes with killer heels to the station
coz i know im going back home
i really dont mind
my journey back home always ended by something that could put me on smiling face
i smile at the guy who sell the star ticket
the first time v met
i smile and give the money acccording to my station that i chose
he said "lambat balik hari nih"
supersexy said "haah, byk keje sikit, penat nih"
he said "penat2 pun muka masih berseri"
supersexy said "terime kasih" with big grinnn...
saya suka pulang kerumah

and we met again today
he said " lama x nampak"
reason sebenar " superman datang jemput disebabkan byk kerja"
supersexy said "kan?"
he said "lambat balik hari nih"
supersexy said " kerja byk sgt"
he said "tp manis lagi penat2 pun"
supersexy hanya mampu tersenyum

my day end so sweet
its getting better everytime i step out from the office

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