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GREEN HUNT - Go Green with MENGO

so here are the pics as promised

but not so much la

coz buzy looking for the answers


the owner of the blog pic will not be posted

waiting to grab pic from people yg bwk camera hehe

1. the substitute - SAM

2. The organizer - Malaysian Environment NGO (MENGO)

3. One of the sponsors - 7up

4. Theme - Green (obviously)

5. Daftar

6. Si Comel

6. i end up buying!

1. Note book gambar orang utan!!!!!sukerrrr 2. WWF car sticker

7. Dapat sourvenir dr Nadiah from Moscow

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gula2 from moscow and baju yg dirembat terus oleh my superstylo brother once i show to him!

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