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she so jujur n i loike

i went to my friends room last night to study my fail-midterm-paper-n-i-hv-to-get-30/40-in-a-way-to pass and wore this girdle of hers just totry it on
and a friend of mine says "aku nampak 3 benjolan" meaning -my lovely-twins, My2MonthsPregnantMommyBumpLookALike!! and the pelvic area


at least someone agreeed that im fat

she can join my superMom, my lovely Sista, my Lawak King Brother and my roommate in the persetujuan that ain syakirin gemuk

x per ina, k x kisah...
bagitau diorg mmg bukan k sengaja bising k gemuk, and they very kindheartedly saying "x la"
because mmg i gemuk
lepas mobile nih
x mo dah mkn merapu2 dah

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