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it was such a relief
GEN 4100 (subject on ethics) went quite well
plus pressure pun x der sgt except presure on the fingers writing on pages
"clear view"
he is damn cute
but ehem anak ikan
sha pun sama cuci mata
it's more on her type the anak ikan types

im appreciating the work of GOD
heheh,,, hey babe nice ipod

that wasnt the thing that i wanna post
i jalan2 to people blog as u know its a new skin and i hv to make changes here and there so some of my link gone
and i need to trace it back
and i pun went to my friend during my childhood,,,
zaman sekolah rendah dlu n rupanya ramai jgak lah yg ada blog
so farihah u wont stand alone on the skbtr tuh
others will join tooo

adding someone jgak from highschool and uni
for those i x sengaja delete the link and need the permission tuh
soon u will be joining them jgak


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