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i climb up the hill

yesterday i went to my friends room to study my first final exam paper for my final sem of 4 years of ups and downs...

i feel like walking down the memory lane where i did see myself somewhere in the future remembering this moment where my butt contracting as i climb up this incline road near the Maryam's gate where the mak guard concentrate on reading n sometimes peeking at the couples who're dating over the fence (good for exercise though after a long glued butt to the chair)

there like few memories flash on my mind

where this is a place where i spend like 70% of my life for the past 4 years

it as if i walked out from my first room from this mahallah (hostel) to my current mahallah(hostel) because current mahallah is cantik! cantik dr luar jer,,, my mahallah asiah is like lindsay lohan laa very beautiful indeed outside the perabots all very vibrant colour toilet very clean but anaroxic. if you went to the cafe dont aspect to buy anything sedap coz might be u nak bli air pun diorg x jual sbb they dont hv anything to serve,,, it worse than the lake in euthopia at least kat situ ada gak binatang dtg minum
very takban! very x guna punya as what my lecturer said

anyway i do love my room though sumtimes mcm sauna,,, spa katakan bilik cantik tp panas

pasal lecturer

i rs unggul tell us a story about butterfly that similar to the story my management lect told couple of years dlu...
are they reading the same book...


meeting him yesterday was such a relief

anyway back to the 'flash card'

i know that i am someone who left everything behind once the time is over
be it a last sem subject i wont remember
or movie i just watched which urmm i dunno whether was it the movie watched
or birthday
or contacting friends during break

i just dont
i oso dunno

mainly i focus on current
but i do hv my future paste on the softboard (what shud i bought n shud do)
n i do remembering the past


but i will do remember this

"saya bukan cacing dlm perut awak"

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