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a semester of knowing people and being a pecacai


wut another relief... my first draft for my fyp went so well...
apart of all the struggling alone (at that point i knew harbinger happen)
and yes its did happened actually... but at least i understand better and it did pay off

...for this moment...


another mission...
well.. a good start to begin with...

mission queing

there are job hunting mission
then another 'mission of transition'

almost all happened at once

before that

i have another paper to be enjoy answering on wednesday
is not that i've done studying
but its hopefully insyaAllah
my last paper...
pray for it...

going to do the best
chewah... (tp baru satu soalan je buat past year)

overall that i can say
this semester really a hectic semester
apart from jd 'pecacai'

everything i let out...
at least
no hyprocricy...

p/s: trying to love the last pieces of work

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