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mysuperb brother

being a super sister to a very stylo casanova bro and very the manja superbro
giler x larat nak layan
i missing him last full whole week
though he is weng kadang2
but i love him

so last saturday i paksa him to go for college hunting for his tertiery level of education
and it went quite well
being good super sexy sister i went there with him
so we went to time square and straight to the west wing 11th floor
for berjaya university college
he is very into culinary (he cook better than moi)
so we went there and asked for all the facilities the course outline and the outcomes
we went for the tour of the campus
which is actually the berjaya hotel itself
their campus is the hotel and the hotel is the campus
most of the facilities is quite nu
and ehem
their life gonna be very the new yorker life kinda way
their cafe... the upper east side cafe
their hall called... manhattan
and others coffeence named... bronx
very the gossip girl
the lobi of the campus is not the hotel but the campus lobby
very hotel like lobby
the lecturers are well known chef
the shang
the westin
le meridian
the palace of golden horses
and others

my bro start to yawn
giler lama teh campus tour
and yg excited nye die punya super sister
he is very much love the barista (berjaya own 40% of starbucks)
and they have wine testing (white room to see the clarity of the wine)

they hv fine dining restaurant
and really look like hell's kitchen the giller killer chef Ramsey
and my bro x brapa suka sgt only because of one thing
ada accouting!!!

apart from all the very up class college
the price
for 2 years nad 5 months
rm 42 thousands ringgit
we just have to pay rm 10k on monday and he will start his class
that's what Mr Shawn said

giler mahal



still undecided yet

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