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k teringin tosai masala

it was 810pm
i was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom
not having my bath yet
not solat maghrib jgak
its the 11th days of puasa

i look at my reflection in the mirror
pimples scattered all over my face
duh! hate it but damn have to flaunt it
memeriahkan muka!!
i met my long lost happy go lucky girlfriend
as we not allowed to gossip
lets talk about my prubahan...pimples
maybe what nik's said is true,,,
my body is telling me that im in stress
only that i not know or yet not bother
but actually my mind is thinking and never stop
btul kot

today i was soo tired,,, i went all around UIA

supervisor meeting

1130am saturday without nik
"alamak nik lupa suh email the MATLAB thingy" so that i can print and present to him later,,,

my house is so near to the lrt
so i can hear the sound of those train moving
moving at certain velocity
doppler effect (from my radar class)
nudge me to take my shower

bath, solat, yassin,,
not doing my terawikh,,,, again!
the desktop wallpaper changed
pic of babe and his friends
they always bully blur perasan sexy and cantik kakaks kat umah ni everytime when they lepak here,,,
sengal,,,die mesti marah when he finds out im post his pic
spot my babe

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